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Unbiased drone advice
  • skymineUAV conducts Drone Magnetometer Survey for Aztec Minerals in Arizona.

    Nov 14th, 2018

    Using drones across the entire mining industry is proving transformational, and with this project our focus was on mineral deposit exploration via drone. If a signal from a deposit is […]

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  • Drone Mapping and Mining

    Nov 6th, 2018

    “Drones are safer, faster, and about half the cost as compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.” — Dallas VanZanten – Owner, Skymedia Northwest Drone Mapping software Drones have swiftly become standard practice when […]

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  • The Modern Mine & Drones

    Sep 13th, 2018

    “UAV’s are longer considered innovative, it is now SOP”– Iain Allen | Program Director Innovation | Barrick Gold Corporation.   Time is merciless in its endeavour to keep moving forward. […]

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  • Drone operations in high altitude mines.

    May 23rd, 2018

    The ten highest mines in the world operate about 4,000 meters – about 2 ½ miles – above sea level. All of them are in Peru and Bolivia. About 70 […]

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  • Navigating Clouds of Drone Hype In Mining, and In General…

    May 11th, 2018

    Your drone will give you perfect images, every time, for pennies on the dollar. It’s perfectly safe with few regulatory barriers. It will increase your mine’s expected return on investment. […]

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  • Drone Rescue And Incident Response

    Apr 13th, 2018

    When one hears about a mine collapse in Ghana, it’s usually a galamsey operation – deaths in an illegal small-scale mine dug by impoverished semi-skilled amateurs. Ghana is riven by […]

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  • Beyond the general consensus that “drones are good,” …

    Mar 22nd, 2018

    Mining management may quietly harbor serious disagreements about the scope of use for drones. This is why one should conduct a drone audit on site. Miners grow hungry for the […]

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  • Getting Mining Operations Live Post EarthQuake

    Feb 26th, 2018

    After a situation like this one of the biggest things is accessibility …   skymineUAV trains our clients to have drone incident response teams. These drones instantly inspect sites to […]

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  • Mining operations and drones regulations…

    Feb 15th, 2018

    As we drift further into 2018, our team has seen the big data market shift across the mining industry; no longer do we endure raised eyebrows when mentioning UAV services […]

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  • Drones and Mining. Where to start?

    Dec 18th, 2017

    Understanding a confusing market is why we are here. Published in the mining news everyday is something like ‘drones improve your bottom line’. But how exactly? For a mining company […]

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  • skymineUAV impacts Commercial UAV expo

    Nov 8th, 2017

    skymineUAV recently attended the 2017 UAV Expo in Las Vegas, NV spending three days discussing industry trends and meeting with a variety of hardware and software providers thus ensuring we […]

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  • skymineUAV “about us” video goes live

    Oct 19th, 2017

    Check out our new “about us” video #drones #UAV #Mining

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  • Site safety from the sky

    Oct 10th, 2017

    I recently read a fascinating article on the evolution of the Fire Service, it stated fighting a raging fire is one of the toughest uphill battles in the public-safety world. […]

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  • It’s nice to meet you.

    Oct 5th, 2017

    skymineUAV is a specialist firm that supports the mining industry in making optimum use of drone technology. Fully independent and with experienced teams in both mining and UAV operations, we […]

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