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Mining operations and drones regulations…

As we drift further into 2018, our team has seen the big data market shift across the mining industry; no longer do we endure raised eyebrows when mentioning UAV services or the word ‘drone’.

The value offered by these systems has become widely accepted and mining operations are reaping the benefits of big data input, captured using a combination of agile and user-friendly hardware and software processing systems. Driven by this intelligence, each phase throughout a mine’s lifecycle continues to benefit from quicker and more informed decisions, resulting in a better understanding and management in day-to-day operations.

There is still, however, an ever-present learning curve for operations: gaining better understanding in how to navigate aviation and commercial UAV rules and regulations as they continue to evolve in each country, given that these regulations can vary from country to country. For example; one mining operation may need three different sets of approvals for operations in the US, Peru and Chile, even if all the data is going to the same cloud and even if each site is using the same UAV or pilots. Regulators also have their hands full, not only keeping the skies safe, but also trying to enable their home countries’ commercial innovation push.

The good news is that so far, working with said regulators has been an incredibly positive experience for us. We have found that 99.9% of the regulators enjoyed working with an experienced and knowledgeable UAV team; in fact, they often asked us for guidance, and in the process, gained a better understanding of how commercial UAV operations work.

This continuous joint educational process, coupled with the showcasing of the necessary steps for client risk mitigation -such as proven UAV workflow processes-, has resulted in clients’ successful waiver applications, ranging from beyond-visual-line-of-sight missions, to night operations while planning a blast site. It would be naive to think skymineUAV has all the answers, but we do work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the very best possible information and outcomes; we firmly believe we have left a positive impression on the regulators we have worked with.

Working alongside these regulators and understanding their needs sets us apart from others in our field; when people think of UAVs and mining, we hope they will remember skymineUAV and its distinctive role in the UAV and mining industries.

If regulation is one of your team´s constant challenges, or you would simply like to explore how UAVs can improve your mining operations, drop use a line today for an initial consultation. – info@skymineuav.com

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