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Drones and Mining. Where to start?

Understanding a confusing market is why we are here.

Published in the mining news everyday is something like ‘drones improve your bottom line’. But how exactly? For a mining company it is not about pretty pictures, you need something more; actionable data. Data that improves operating efficiency and shareholder value.

skymineUAV exists to help clients navigate a complex web of hardware and software choices, championing an unbiased mantra. Put simply we figure out exactly what you need and nothing more.

Right now the mining industry is at a crossroads for drone uses. After some initial false starts; where the right ideas were trialled, but unfortunately often using the wrong systems or software choices raised the question, where to go from here?  If you’ve experienced such a scenario don’t be deterred you are on the right path.

The first question you should as ask, do you know what the desired end goal of your drone operations are? There are lots of them out there and although they might seem overwhelming to begin with, rest assured it is not as complex as it may seem. So if you are thinking…

> Do I want drones to improve mapping accuracy or to capture 3d models for volumetrics at your site.

> To enhance security operations, conduct environmental impact studies, improve worker safety, or local community relations.

> Inspect heavy equipment, check leach pads for seepage, inspect process plant integrity or all of the above and more.

Heck maybe you are even curious about underground drone operations for areas like stoping and submerged cavern exploration.

> Will you need to fly yourself, or have automated solutions been proven as ready to go (think airobotics)?

> Do you need fixed wings (think Sensefly), quadcopters (like DJI), or Vtol’s (like Alti).

> Can we fly at high altitudes, in high winds and rain?

> Do we need aviation approvals in the country our mine is located?

Who do we even ask these questions or find the right answers from?

Querying Google alone may quickly have you overwhelmed. Instead reach out to an industry expert. A popular request from our clients while taking their renewed first steps is conducting a site audit. This usually consists of 24 hours spent on site, reviewing current operations (if active) or advising how to best begin operations (if not).

skymineUAV provides a detailed, but easy to understand post visit case study. This report provides your operations a tangible roadmap highlighting areas correct drone use improves operations, or even when they should be halted if they are just creating a data silo. If this sounds like something you wish to explore further get in touch for an initial consult today.

I’d like to close with a bit of repetition. We exist to help clients navigate the complex web of hardware and software choices out there, championing an unbiased advice mantra. Our end goal will always remain figuring out exactly what you need and nothing more.

Sincerely, Dave.

Co-Founder | skymineUAV


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