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skymineUAV impacts PDAC 2019

From the sunny climes of company HQ, skymineUAV recently ventured north. Descending into a very welcoming but very frozen Toronto in order to attend and exhibit at Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2019. From our humble booth in trade show north, after setting up a small portion of our diverse fleet of UAS we spent the next 4 days educating and discussing with industry professionals on the capabilities of UAV systems and how their enterprises could and would benefit from adapting to new methods of data acquisition and adopting UAVs as the data capture tools.

As our team grows, we came to PDAC with a few goals in mind. One of our primary goals in attending PDAC was to relaunch our branding to ‘Better, Faster, Safer Mining Decisions with Drones’. Joining us in this venture were our friends and esteemed partners;

– MWH Geo-Surveys – Since 1980 MWH Geo-Surveys has been pushing the boundaries of geophysical exploration. Across the globe, MWH has built a reputation of delivering quality results in challenging environments.

– Unmanned Aerial Services – Utilising cutting edge UAV systems to access and map remote locations where humans couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t venture.

– Asylon – Fully autonomous system, DroneCore missions can vary from the planning and construction of a new mine, conducting daily or weekly stockpile volumetrics, tailings dam monitoring and inspections, planning optimized blast designs, to mine closure and reclamation.

– Flightwave Aerospace – Edge UAS, a hybrid combining tricopter and fixed wing drone. You get all the safety and flexibility of a quadcopter – vertical takeoff and landing, and the ability to hover; combined with the flight endurance and area coverage capability of a fixed wing drone.

Proving successful delivery across the full spectrum of a mines lifecycle we were able to demonstrate to attendees that drones are not just some fancy toy they could have on site but an invaluable asset that can provide data in a multitude of formats utilising any desired software analytics. We had great pleasure in engaging with individuals who have used drones in the past and have a preconceived idea of what they should be doing next. It’s one of the great things about working at skymineUAV, we are always exploring possibilities and searching out new drone tech, from platform to payload and it delights me every time I hear the phrase “it can do what?”

Like Newtons first law, with any new technology there will always be scepticism regarding applications for use. Now that the early adopters have seen the benefits UAVs bring, 2019 will be the year of the early majority and I believe we will see a dramatic shift in the way sites are operated. Some will get it right and others will try it themselves, quickly learning there is no ‘one drone fits all’ solution. Understanding this will inevitably lead you to skymineUAV.

What sets skymineUAV apart and even had us shortlisted among the ‘top tech picks PDAC 2019’ is our persistence to cut through all the hype and get down to brass tacks. Our culture of integrity bleeds into every aspect of our business and enables us to give advice, implement and refine methods of capturing better data for our clients, using systems agnostics analytical software.

Before signing off we’d like to thank our partners for joining us and enabling us to deliver on every aspect as promised. To everyone that engaged with us at the booth, it was a pleasure to hear your stories and we hope you were able to take away some value from our discussions. And to our hosts, thank you for your hospitality. We look forward to engaging with you and displaying next year at PDAC 2020.

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