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Drone Mapping and Mining

“Drones are safer, faster, and about half the cost as compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.” — Dallas VanZanten – Owner, Skymedia Northwest

Drone Mapping software

Drones have swiftly become standard practice when it comes to aerial surveys for many mining enterprises. When the less restrictive Part 107 regulations came into effect in the US Aug 16, there was a surge in drone-based data collection as more and more companies incorporated drones into their operations.

Drone data not only reduces risk to your workforce it brings cost and time-saving innovations to a variety of mining processes, empowering your company. Delivering; professional-quality maps and 3D models allowing you to instantly calculate product volumes and keep track of equipment locations while maintaining safety and environmental compliance.

With cloud-based data, it has never been easier to collaborate with your entire team, whether they’re onsite, back at the office or anywhere else in the world, they can have instant access to the data they need.

With the recent announcement of Airware’s operations coming to an abrupt halt, many of you will be justifiably worried. Your top priority is maintaining the schedule and smooth running of your site. With our industry knowledge and expertise, we are best placed to offer unbiased recommendations, eliminating or at the very least minimising your loss of operational time.

Some of you will have been inundated with calls from hardware providers and data analytics companies, at skymineUAV, as experts in our field we ensure clients are not lead astray with false prophets and the information we provide enables maximum ROI. Our aim is to keep your site running as usual allowing you to continue to benefit from drone-based solutions now and in the future.

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