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The Modern Mine & Drones

“UAV’s are no longer considered innovative, it is now SOP”– Iain Allen | Program Director Innovation | Barrick Gold Corporation.


Time is merciless in its endeavour to keep moving forward. Consumer demand has never been higher and to stay these demands we, at skymineUAV always strive to push the boundaries of the possible.


Mining, as one of the oldest industries of resource acquisition has been reluctant to keep pace with the speed in which technology has advanced. Over the past 10 years however, the mining industry has become less archaic, more transparent and has begun to embrace modern technology in the form UAV commonly known as drones.


Drones bring a whole new dynamic to the enterprise, what before would take days can now be completed in a matter of hours. Drones are able to survey up to 50x faster with 350x higher resolution images compared to traditional methods allowing Miners to fully digitise their worksite autonomously and give access to information anywhere, anytime.


This information (or Data), at first was seen as beneficial but an unnecessary expense to the bottom line in an industry reluctant to embrace change. While capturing data has become easier than ever before, the real challenge enterprises face is harnessing all of this data so that it is consumable, shareable, and actionable. However, the drones data collection is relentless and its delivery to sites has now transformed current mining operations to the point of some traditional methods becoming redundant.


The drone does not only offer a quicker means of surveying potential sites with better imagery but relays an array of data to allow the site operators to;



Surveys of potential sites are carried out for a myriad of reasons and every site faces its own specific challenges whether that be geopolitical, regulatory risks or social licence risks to name but a few. Holding our clients interests above all else we endeavour to push forward, through the barriers of possibility bringing mission specific hardware and software together harmoniously in order to enable site operations to achieve their goals with maximum efficiency.


We are skymineUAV. Sincerely, Joe.


Customer Success Manager | skymineUAV | joe@skymineuav.com


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