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Meet the Edge, the next logical evolution of drones for surface mining

“In my time with Barrick Gold, the company was a leader in drone use in mining, with both quadcopters and fixed wing drones in the fleet. Both were useful, and both had limitations. Quadcopters have short flight times, limiting coverage in a single flight, and the “crash” landings of the fixed wing drones meant they frequently required repair and were not always available when we needed them. The Edge addresses all these concerns and is the logical evolution of drones for mining”.  Iain Allen, former Program Director, Innovation, Barrick Gold  – skymineUAV’s Drone Innovation Specialist.

Through our growing network of best in class partners, skymineUAV have only the best drone-based solutions for mining.

Meet the Edge, a hybrid drone that combines the best features of a quadcopter and a fixed wing drone. You get all the safety and flexibility of a quadcopter – vertical takeoff and landing, and the ability to hover; combined with flight endurance and area coverage capability of a fixed wing drone. All for the cost of a quadcopter.

The Edge excels in:
Safety – no hand launching, no need to be close to the propellers
Endurance – flight times up to 112 minutes
Coverage – up to 1000 ac per flight
Reliability – vertical landing rather than the “controlled” crash landing typical of the most popular fixed wing drones
Flexibility – VTOL capability makes takeoff and landing possible almost anywhere
Payload – the swappable nosecone payload supports RGB, hyperspectral, thermal, and IR

To find out more or to request a demo email us | info@skymineuav.com