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Unbiased drone advice.

Mining operators that embrace UAV
technology quickly realize the inherent
value it provides.

Unbiased drone advice

skymineUAV is a specialist firm that supports the mining industry in making optimum use of drone technology.
Fully independent, and with our team’s experience in mining and UAV operations, we are uniquely positioned to
offer leading industry solutions.

Our Services


With today’s multitude of sophisticated aerial devices, capable of performing tasks key to the success of active
mining operations, we advise on the optimum solution for you.

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Drones in Mining

Increase profits and reduce risks. Drones
have become an integral tool throughout
a mine’s lifecycle.

Driven by intelligence, each phase throughout a mine’s lifecycle requires consistent, timely and reliable data collection to allow for informed decision making. Drone usage in mining, safely and conveniently optimises a more accurate and actionable data capture solutions, allowing better understanding and management for day-to-day operations.

Mitigating risk and maximizing return on investment by replacing potentially hazardous manual inspections for collecting critical information using drones, will increase efficiency, improve safety, streamline operations and reduce costs. Drone missions can vary from the planning and construction of a new mine, conducting weekly stockpile volumetrics, planning optimised blast designs, to mine closure and rehabilitation.

UAV technology provides a multitude of benefits throughout a mine’s lifecycle


And many more uses...

Working with us

A great amount of time and resources have been invested to ensure effective, easy to implement and operationally proven solutions are available to you.

Our consultant and regulatory teams assist with your business case needs. We also liaise with local aviation authorities to seek any required permits and approvals, to fly safely and legally in your site location’s airspace.

We provide operational and site specific SOP
documents and support services as needed.

Tailored turnkey aircraft solutions, sourced from market
leading suppliers, based off your mission requirements.

Software management systems include and range from
collected data processing, safety management and
flight management software.


Where other providers may have experience in one industry vs. another, we are drone and mining specialists. We know and understand your objectives and want to ensure you have the right hardware and software to get the job done.

How we do it

Mining operations intending to access aerial data from
drones, are typically faced with three scenarios, that can
vary based on the particular site requirements.

  • How We Do IT

    Drone as a service

    This allows a mining operation to access aerial data from drones, without the need of evaluating the market. This is mainly geared towards one-off mission uses.

  • How We Do IT


    Most mining operations will benefit from the regular capture of aerial data. We assist the development of in-house programs by consulting, sourcing, training and providing ongoing support.

  • How We Do IT

    Automated systems

    Automated systems are currently in their early days and are yet to be proven as truly reliable. Future operations have forecast that these systems will become integrated with other active Artificial Intelligence on a site, such as self driving hauler trucks etc.

As drone applications continue to grow in mining, operators that embrace the technology will
quickly realize the inherent value it provides.


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